Voice Amplification


Studies show significant gains in student achievement result from evenly distributing the teacher’s voice throughout the room with amplification systems such as Extron VoiceLift® Pro Microphone. VoiceLift Pro utilizes advanced wireless RF technology that is not susceptible to environmental factors, such as windows, sunlight, and fluorescent lighting, which create problems for infrared systems. Benefits include higher sound quality, increased reliability, and greater range.


  • State of the art RF wireless technology provides superior sound quality, increased reliability, and greater range over traditional systems.
  • Lightweight pendant microphone can be worn around the neck or clipped onto clothing.
  • Optional handheld microphone is ideal for student use, team teaching, or guest speakers.
  • Available as complete systems or as a plug-and-play upgrade for Extron’s award winning PoleVault classroom AV systems.
  • Advanced digital signal processing optimizes voice intelligibility and audio quality.
  • Pendant mic allows instructor to request assistance with Instant Alert and control lecture capture recording.
Lake County Schools

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