About Extron Classroom


Extron Electronics is the leading manufacturer of classroom audio and video solutions for the K-12 market. Since 1983, Extron has pioneered computer video interfaces, setting standards for matrix switching, signal processing, and transmission, and simplifying the control, installation, and set-up of AV systems. These efforts have resulted in solutions that meet the unique performance and price point requirements of the education market. The three primary classroom AV solutions developed by Extron are its PoleVault®, WallVault®, and VoiceLift® Pro Systems.

Extron PoleVault and WallVault Systems are complete, centralized AV switching and control systems that are easy to install, use, and support. Both systems offer an easy-to-use configurable control panel and a secure enclosure that conceals and protects system components from tampering or theft. Each Extron classroom system includes all the projector control, switching, amplification, speakers, wallplates, and cabling needed for a complete AV system. All that remains is to add the sources and a video projector or display.

Extron VoiceLift Pro is a RF wireless microphone system specifically developed for K-12 classrooms. Studies show that voice amplification systems such as VoiceLift Pro allow the teacher to be heard clearly, resulting in significant gains in student achievement. Extron offers VoiceLift Pro systems that integrate seamlessly into PoleVault and WallVault, or can be used as standalone classroom sound field solutions.

A unique modular approach to system design gives Extron classroom AV systems the flexibility to support emerging trends in educational technology. Solutions are currently available for HDMI digital video sources and for integration with assistive listening, podcasting, and Instant Alert systems. Also, Extron provides network connectivity for its classroom systems. Robust resource management software allows administrators and support personnel to monitor, schedule, and control systems remotely. This provides enhanced support capabilities, as well as reductions in replacement lamp and energy costs.

Extron’s aggressive Classroom Technology Grant Program is just one more example of our commitment to enhancing the K-12 learning environment. The program provides increased visibility and expanded access for AV technology by supplying selected pilot classrooms with advanced audio video solutions at no cost to the district. Each grant award includes installation of Extron classroom system technology, along with complete training. To date, Extron has granted more than $7.5 million worth of equipment to over 1,200 classrooms in U.S. school districts.