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Instant Alert with Emergency Video Monitoring

The Instant Alert feature of the Extron VoiceLift® Microphone, combined with the power of a PoleVault® Digital classroom AV system and your network, gives instructors a quick and easy way to discreetly signal for assistance in the event of an emergency in the classroom. Now, in addition to sending an email or text to officials, Instant Alert can also provide access to an IP video camera installed in the classroom.

By clicking the link provided by email or in GlobalViewer® Enterprise, administrators can see and hear what is happening in the room. This allows them to deploy the most appropriate resources such as summoning police or medical personnel, or starting lock down procedures.

If GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite has been deployed, the help desk operator may either make an announcement to the room that assistance is on the way, or initiate an intercom session for two-way communication with the instructor. Read more